Our maiden voyage!


The mobilehome came yesterday (We named it THE HOTEL:)) og Benedicte and I slept over outside the house. Lovely to sleep here! Today we have organized and got in place the necessary housethings where it`s supposed to be. Now our first trip!

We traveled towards #Voss og #Myrkdalen around 3 PM, minor traffic. I was very excited how this would go. I am not always the worlds best passenger……

We stopped at stanghelle and made our first Mobilehome dinner, Tasted lovely:). When we came up to Myrkdalen, We parked at the designated area for Mobilehomes, We felt very welcomed!


We voke up at 8 AM to sunshine and a few clouds, ate breakfast and went straight for the #powderparadise. Super fun! We We ran alot, and Benedicte really got a hang of this:), and drives as well as me.

After lunch at the “Hotel” we drove down to Vossevangen, because the heatingsystem did not work properly. Since it is reasonably cold here, minus 17 celcius, we decided to stay at #Vosscamping until tomorrow. We went to the movies and saw #Ferdinand. A really funny movie:)


We woke up at 8 AM, and stated the original bed distibution was correct ZZZZ..Våknet The person who wakes up first, must sleep in the double bed in the ceiling😊. Cold weather and wind, made our decision not to go up to Myrkdalen this day. Daddy and Benedicte decided to check out Pappa #vossabadet, while Nica and I went for a walk. On the way home, I tried to drive The Hotel. It was ok, but it is not a car I instantly was comfortable with compared to drive my BMW. Jeg prøvde å kjøre doningen.

Had to pull over quite often, so people would be “pissed off” for me driveng below the speeding limit. But I think if you pull over, it`s ok not to hold the speeding limit. But You have to let peolple pass!. We arrived at home, and parked at our new parkinglot for the “Hotel”. Looked good:). We are already looking forward for our next trip!

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