Long weekend in May


We left right after work. It was luxury to be picked up by th #hotel. We traveled in beautiful weather across #Hardangervidden. Stopped at #Geilo and ate a little there. Rushed on and finally found a rest stop where we took the evening. Amazingly nice at the rest stop with a river flowing quietly. The water level was high, but we expected it to be fine. At night I dreamed of an elk that came down to the banks of the river and
That was the only thing that was needed to top the view from the “hotel” this evening.

Woke to the world’s finest orchestra. #The birdsong was amazing, except it was very early ……. the time was 04.37. I just listened to all the amazing sounds the nature makes. After eating breakfast we drove on and discovered that we were only ten minutes from Kongsberg.

The target for this day was #Seljord. An amazingly beautiful place. Here we had a wonderful nice summer day, tremendous fog and drizzle. Fascinating.
Benedicte found a goose, which was most likely a mixture of two species that lay and rye on an egg. It was very trusting and not aggressive.

There was a lot of snowmelt in the area, so in the evening we were asked to move us further into the campground and we did that of course


In the morning, the whole football pitch was under water. Benedicte had to check out her goose egg. Fortunately, it did not come under water. We ate delicious breakfast, packed together and traveled to Notodden to shop for some clothes (that’s how it goes when the dad will take responsibility for all packing). The target for the day was #Lunde ved Telemark kanal. An amazing place, you only knew the calm come as soon as you arrived.

The municipality were making a climbing park right below the campsite, so here we will be back to. We went for a nice walk along the canal and into the city center. Very nice. Afterwards we sat down in front of the hotel and enjoyed the sun. Nica got many new friends and we met some nice people.


We traveled from warm and good summer in Telemark up to a little less summer, but with a clear sight at Haukelifjell.
Fantastic for a mountain freak:)

On the way to Odda, # Låtefossen was large, beautiful and wild. Fantastic sight. Where we were going today was not definitely, but when we arrived at Kinsarvik and saw that #Mikkelparken was opened, it became where we stopped. But the visit itself in the park will be tomorrow. Lovely and warm weather were here too and Nica and I had a great trip. Benedicte was in the playground of the campground and was unlucky to hit his hand. We hope it is better over tomorrow. In the evening there was MGP voting at the “hotel”.


We were in the Mikkelpark when they opened. Benedicte, and our grown ups, enjoyed the delicious summer weather. There was a lot of gold digging and precious stone digging. Otherwise, the park has an all-round offer that allows children of all ages to enjoy themselves.

For example, check the bumpers with water cannons, all three were totally wild at it. There were little people in the park so we could be out for a long time 😉

Nice animals were there too. The goats became very friendly with Benedicte, so she had to be saved. We went and ate lunch at the “hotel”. Jo and Benedicte bathed in the beautiful heated pools and spent a while there. unfortunately it’s Sunday and we have a few hours home. We packed together and left for home. A super and adventurous trip for us all three or four.

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