The Family Blindheim Liabø – Who are we?

We consist of papa Jo Magne, Mamma Bente og Benedicte, and Nica, a chihuahua.

In February 2018 we bought ourselves a Challenger Genesis 377 and started our history as mobilhome owners.o Before this we have had a caravan in #Voss, but we felt a reason to broaden our horizon:) Our Mobilehome has got the name #theHotel.

From february till July we have driven 9000km, so we are not the laziest one:) In the Caravan we had a “cabin book”, which is very nice to look backwards at. We continued with this when we aquired the #hotel:) Then the idea of a blogg and a website appeared, so we could share our experinces with others. Therfore the name

So we hope You will like what we are sharing:)

Benedicte, Bente og Jo Magne


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