#Beitostølen 1-3 Juni 2018

As mentioned, it’s my wife who is the blogger, but here we go:).

I have a friend at Beitostølen, which opened #Bryggerihuset just one year ago.
So I decided to take a trip alone this weekend.
Traveled from Askøy Thursday 31 May, and stayed at Hardangervidda until the next morning.


Everyone may need to wake up to such a view.
In the morning, I drove on, with a little stop at Geilo first.

It turned out that there was a mountain marathon at Beitostølen this weekend and there were a lot of talking people (I watched)

As a beer dog I am, I came to a little paradise when the Brewery House always has 20 kinds of beer on tap!

And they have local sausages and food as well.

On Saturday there was Hel and Half Marathon, and 7 kilometers for those who preferred it.

I preferred to drive up the mountain instead ….

On Saturday night there was live music at the Brewery House, which matched very well the beer in the glass 🙂

Drove home on sunday afternoon (smart to wait a bit ..) around Filefjell

All in all, a wonderful weekend.

I will be back!

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