#Mikkelparken here we come:)


We travelled from Bergen around 1PM and drove in beautiful weather. The trip was directed to Mikkelparken in Kinsarvik this weekend and we had a great time. Jasmine went with us. We decided to drive around Norheimsund and Øystese, just for the change of scenery. The first stop was the Steinsdalsfossen. Beautiful and wild!

The road ahead was, in my opinion, very narrow places, but it went well. We will probably travel through Voss home again. We arrived at the parking lot at Mikkelparken. We had just put out chairs and tables and were ready to enjoy the rest of the day there, when we were told that it was not allowed for motorhomes on the parking lot any longer. The sign came up while we stood there…. Then it was just moving down “one floor” to Mikkelparken ferietun. The girls thought it was absolutely top, because there was a pool and stuff. 22 degrees and beautiful scenery!

There was lots of swimming and some play in the playground. Now 22:17 PM the temperature has fallen to 16.6 and you can feel the steam of the great river with ice water that flows into the fjord here in Kinsarvik. Went down to the fjord to take a sunset image.


Woke up at 8AM for another wonderful and hot day. Went with Nica, it was almost 18 degrees already and it was awesome. She would not go so far today. Trying to teach her that the trip is amazing in all weather, but as the rest of the family she does not agree. We hit a great long haired schaefer. Nica would not greet but I had to. Looked very like Irja as I grew up with.

Had a delicious breakfast and was very ready for Mikkelparken when it opened. The girls had a plan, which became the way plans are often made, changed all the time. Jo and I tried to keep up. After all, we went to the pool and the adults found a nice place to follow from a distance. I took the stitches after the appendix surgery on Friday and would not bathe. The wound went up a bit yesterday, and I want to be absolutely sure that everything is healed properly before I jump into the pool.

Lovely to live right next to the park. Home for grilled hamburgers, relax for a little while and then went into the park and continued on. Benedicte makes a Vlogg so I became “employed” as a photographer. It was up and down in slides, around and around in the jungle trail, bumpercars, climbing tower, animal food, ducky boats and much more.

We had a break before the last hour in the park was used. Then there were not so many people so then they really got to choose on the top shelf. After dinner it was straight down to the pool at the campsite, and the girls were there until it closed at eight o’clock. Now at 22.10 it is 16.7 degrees. Jo were watching football and I’m sitting out to write a little. The girls are on their way to bed and the dog is asleep 😉

The highest temperature in the shadow today was 30.3. Then there were 28.1 in the car, which was also the highest today. It is quite good considering that the car has been in full sunshine all day. The tent stood against the sun, so it was enough to take some of the heat.

Tomorrow it’s yet another day in Mikkelparken, but we have to point our noses homewards around 3 or 4 PM.


Woke up at 9 AM and the girls wanted to swim before breakfast. They and Jo went off to the pool while I made breakfast.

It was just a little difficult to get outof the pool when the breakfast was ready;-) Then we went to Mikkelparken again, with the girls as guides and the grown-ups toddling behind.

Yesterday Benedicte met another girl from school and her sister who will start school this autumn.

We bathed a little with them in the small pool before the girls moved to the big pool. After several hours in the pool, they went down to the animals. The clock was ticking faster today and suddenly the clock was getting so much that we had to head home. We drove through Voss on the way home, a better and nicer road than around Hardanger. We arrived at home and unpacked the Hotel , went out on the terrace and enjoyed some whitewine in the sun.

Home is not bad either 😉

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